UltraVivid 315W CDM Fixture

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The UltraVivid 315W CDM Fixture is a complete lighting solution for giving plants the very best available light spectrum. It can be used as a standalone plant light source or as a supplementary light. It runs 315W CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide) Lamps and will give you, the grower, the closest available match to sunlight available in a grow room, Not only will the plants love it, the end product will be of a far superior quality to that grown under a standard HPS lamp.

• Available as just a fixture, with either a 3k or 4k lamp, or both!

• Integrated short circuit protection

• Efficient to run

• Ideal as a stand alone or as supplementary light source

• Extremely high levels of PAR (Photo synthetically active radiation)

• Lower heat output than standard HPS

The UltraVivid 315W CDM Fixture is available as a standalone unit, with one lamp (either 3k or 4k) or two lamps (both 3k and 4k)

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