Telos 0006 - 180W LED Grow Light


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Telos 0006 LED V1.1 - 180W LED Grow Light

The Telos series is a range of full spectrum LED grow lights designed and manufactured in the UK by GN for growing taller plants in both harsh greenhouse conditions and indoor horticulture platforms. 

'Designed to maximise high quality plant growth'


  • 180W LED grow light.
  • Enhanced 660nm full spectrum.
  • Minimum PPF efficiency of 2+µmol/joule. (LED V1.1)
  • Minimum PPF output of 360+µmol/s. (LED V1.1)
  • Weight: 4.8kg lamp + 1.2kg driver.

Featuring a waterproof and dust-proof design, the Telos 6 can withstand any growing environment while providing a natural light for working under. The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts.

How close will you be able to place your Telos 06 from your canopy?:

For seedlings/micro-greens (indoor growing)

 ≈100cm from canopy, 140cm x 140cm area

For vegetative growth (indoor growing)

 ≈80cm from canopy, 110cm x 110cm area

For flowering (indoor growing)

 ≈60cm from canopy, 80cm x 80cm area


Detailed Technical Specifications:

Beam angle

93° FWHM

PF (380-780nm)

344.1 μmol/s

1.912 μmol/joule

PPF (400-700nm)




Colour temperature: 3002 kelvin

Colour rendering index: 86 CRI 

Luminous flux: 19,013lm 


(STN EN 62471:2009)

 Risk group: 0 (Exempt)


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