Sticky Insect Catcher Fly Traps

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Sticky Insect Catcher Fly Traps Pack Of 5

A pack of double sided glue sheets used to monitor the presence of all flying insects.

Use sticky fly traps as part of your routine integrated past management (IPM) procedure to alert you to a problem before it becomes an infestation. Five Insect Catchers per pack.

Catch and identify your pests.

Gotcha! Greenhouse Insect Catcher; sticky fly traps.

Attract & kill greenhouse and growr-oom pests including Greenfly, Whitefly, Blackfly and Midges. 

Supplies in packs of 5 traps with 3 reusable hanging hooks.

Pro tip: Essential item for all grow rooms, hang one of these all through the growing process to get early warning of any infestations. The grids printed on the traps allow you to easily monitor numbers and insect type so you can spring into action and prevent a few bugs from becoming a few million and ruining your crops.