Secret Jardin TLED 42W Blue Spectrum


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Secret Jardin TLED 42W Blue Spectrum

Designed to replace less efficient T5 fluorescent tubes, these modern LED propagation tubes not only save you money on electricity usage but also give a noticeable increase in output in terms of PPFD.

This is all down to the spectrum. While the older style T5s output a broad spectrum of light, most of that goes to waste as it's not absorbed by the plant. In contrast, these LED lights output a more highly tuned spectrum that is designed to fit the plants needs exactly.

This results in less heat build up, less power usage and ultimately happier plants.


Better spectrum than any other technologies
* Can also be used as HPS supplement lighting
* 5 times longer service life & no yield drop over time
* More penetration than Fluorescent technologies

Tech Specs

Reference TLED42UK65
Revision R1.00
Weight 580g
Dimensions 95cm x 4cm x 3cm
Power Consumption : 42 W
Voltage : 110-220 V
Frequence : 50/60 Hz
Cable & Plug Length : 450cm
Plug : G Type (UK)
Life Time Hours : 50000
Loss after 30000 : -20%

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