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SANLIGHT Q4WL 165w GEN 2 - Grow Power Hydroponics


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Highest efficient led grow light system for indoor growing

Flexible – Performance-Oriented – Future-Proof

SANLIGHT Q4WL GEN 2 was developed to live-up to SANLights reputation as the technological market leader and to extend that lead. For you as a user, this means maximum flexibility with the best system efficiency and usability.

Each led grow light from the Q-Series consists of one or several light modules. These light modules have implemented the newest Osram 2mm2 Chip technology, which enables the generation of an optimized broadband light spectrum with an efficacy of 2,7µmol/J.

The secondary optics which guides 95% from all emitted photons directly to the cultivating area, protects the Led Chips from dust and dirt additionally. Dirt can be removed easily, and the light output is maintained.

The SANLIGHT Q4WL GEN 2s optimised heat sink cools down the led chip to temperatures below 70°C and connects light engine and power distribution.

We give you the options…

SANLIGHT Q4WL GEN 2 models are designed so that the right solution is available for any mounting situation. For classic cultivation areas we offer an ECO solution or an EXPERT setup. That means you choose between maximum energy savings and cost efficiency, or maximum yield.

Options such as power boost or dimmer allow you to expand your system‘s range of performance or adapt it to new conditions. Every light in the Q-series is prepared for this, READY-TO-DIM and READY-TO-BOOST.

Of course, the lights can be daisy-chained to each other. Several lights can be powered by a single plug socket.

Future Proof

Each SANLIGHT Q4WL GEN 2 unit can be kept state of the art cost effectively and while conserving resources simply by replacing the light modules. They are upgradable.

Supplied with power cable unless you state you would like a daisy chain cable instead.

Technical Specifications

  • 115 – 624 PPF*
  • Broad spectrum, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants
  • Power consumption from 50 to 245 watts
  • Power factor > 0.95
  • Beam angle 90°
  • Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the cultivated area
  • Passively cooled
  • protection class IP40
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Modules can be exchanged at SANlight sales partners
  • 90% light output after 100,000 hours
  • daisy-chainable
  • ready-to-dim
  • ready-to-boost