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SANLight FLEX10 - Grow Power Hydroponics


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SANLight FLEX10 specially designed for space-saving applications, with protection class IP68, which makes this module waterproof.

Multiple SANLight FLEX10 modules are daisy-chainable and easy/flexible to install. It is extremely compact in size and available in multiple lengths. Its sophisticated optics allow minimal layer spacing with maximum light distribution and homogeneity.

Typical power consumption: 10 W

SANLight FLEX10 Typical applications:

  • Multi-layer cultivation with a minimum spacing
  • Inter-lighting solution for high growing plants
  • In-vitro cultivation
  • Growth chambers
  • Rooting of cuttings
  • Standard substitute for fluorescent tube applications
  • Additional lighting to existing luminaires
  • Waterproof

SANLight FLEX10 Highlights:

  • Precise light guidance into the cultivation area
  • No photon is wasted
  • Rectangular illumination pattern with highest homogeneity
  • Warm-white light-colour impression (standard spectrum) for comfortable working
  • Specialised spectra available for selective plant growth manipulation (e.g. compact growth, etc.)
  • Extremely compact size
  • Available in multiple lengths
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Energy savings up to 50% compared to traditional systems
  • Lifetime: 80.000 hours (L90)
  • Passively cooled
  • S1 (Spectrum 1) = for all stages of growth