RootMASS Fabric Pots

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RootMASS Fabric Pots

Fabric pots are ideal for use with Coco coir media or soil.

An environmentally effective way of improving your plants root structure and growth! By allowing the pot to breath, roots that touch the pot edge will be air pruned and grow internally instead of circling the pot.

💡Pro tip: Pot circling is a common side effect of using rigid pots and is detrimental to root growth. Fabric pots eliminate this issue.

💡Pro tip 2: These fabric pots are strong enough to be washed in the machine, at a low temp, between grows.

💡Pro tip 3: When potting on using plastic pots the grower must remove the root ball from the pot, inevitably causing damage to delicate roots and causing growth to cease for a day or two depending on the degree of distress. No such issue when using fabric pots, simply fill the larger pot with sufficient medium then place the smaller pot straight inside before filling to the top with fresh medium and watering in well. Zero root damage and no lost growing time 👍🏻.

Knowledge: Maximum Yield Article, Why More Growers are Switching to Fabric Pots