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Prima Klima Cool Tube

Cool tubes work by connecting a length of ducting to each end of the lamp chamber and a small inline fan to one of those lengths of ducting to move the air.

The first length is installed so that it draws in cool air, this could be through a ducting hole in a grow tent for instance. The second length is installed so that is pushing the hot air from the lamp outside of the grow room environment. The effect is that heat is reduced within the grow room while leaving relative humidity unaltered. Cool Tubes can be a real life saver for some growers, especially in the hotter summer months. If you're struggling with heat in your grow space I'd definitely recommend giving a Cool Tube a go.

The Cool Tube uses 'Miro9' material for inside and outside the reflector giving an incredible 97% reflectivity. Its super sturdy plastic flanges offer increased efficiency with less heat build up than metallic alternatives and also has extra electrical insulation.


5” Cool Tube
125mm x 480mm
6" Cool Tube
152mm x 480mm


Prima Klima’s Cool Tubes are produced in Europe and are renowned for their superior quality.

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