Perlagro Light Mix


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Perlagro Light Mix 50l.

Light Mix is an organic mixing substrate that is a spongy, airy and perfect medium for crop development. It has a high capacity for rehydration while draining homogeneously to optimize irrigation and added nutrients. It is a very useful product for inexperienced growers, since it allows you to add nutrients without fear of fertilizing above the desired levels. It allows the grower to have total control since at any time he can provide the nutrients he wants with immediate effect on the crop. It contains trichoderma in large quantity. Suitable for medicinal cultivation.


Mixture of fine sphagnum mobs (blonde and black)

Coconut Peat



Substrate benefits:

It is a useful substrate for indoor and outdoor crops. It is suitable for germination, pot cultivation, soil cultivation and cutting.

Measurement parameters at the time of packaging:

pH = 5.5-6.5

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