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Perlagro Cocoper Coco/Perlite 70:30 - Grow Power Hydroponics

Perlagro Cocoper Coco/Perlite 70:30

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Perlagro Cocoper

50L Bag Coco/Perlite (70:30) Hydroponic Grow Medium

Perlagro Cocoper is a mixture of Natural Coco peat and Coarse Grade Dust free Perlite.

Perlagro Cocoper is a Natural culture medium, with a very homogeneous structure and free of pests, parasites and diseases.

Perlagro Cocoper is a very airy and porous medium that facilitates the ideal environment for the comfortable development of the crop. 

Perlagro Cocoper is also a very useful media for inexperienced growers, since it allows you to add nutrients without fear of fertilizing above the desired levels.


  • Coco Peat double washed and screened
  • Coarse Grade Perlite 3-8 mm
  • Starter Nutrients NPK 14-16-18 + 2 MgO
  • Trichoderma

Perlagro Cocoper is a useful substrate for indoor and outdoor crops. It is suitable for germination, pot cultivation, soil cultivation and cutting.

Measurement parameters

- pH = 5.5-6.5

- EC (at the time of packaging) = 0.30-0.80 mS / cm

- Volume at the time of packaging = 50 liters (according to standard EN 12.580)


  • Direct cultivation is advised in it, it is not necessary to mix it with other moss or earth.
  • It is advisable to add hydroponic nutrients to achieve optimal results in each crop phase.
  • Perlagro Cocoper is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • It is advisable to space the waterings to prevent excess moisture and high temperature from damaging the roots.
  • As Perlagro Cocoper is a very spongy and oxygenated substrate after the first irrigations, it is advisable to refill the pot to the desired level since it is possible that the weight of the irrigation water has compressed the medium.


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