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Mr Danks Special Boost Secret

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret is designed as a full-lifecycle plant boost, used for the cutting stage (in very dilute amounts) right through to mid / late flower.

Super easy to use, it’s compatible with soil, coco and hydroponics.

Who should use Mr Danks Special Boost Secret — and how?

All growers using soil, coco or hydro.

Designed to be fed to plants via the root system, Mr Danks Special Boost Secret should ideally be used from the seedling or cutting stage and throughout veg and bloom.

Shake the bottle vigorously before every use then simply add to your reservoir at the dose recommended on the label.

You can add Mr Danks Special Boost Secret either before or after your base nutrients. It will not affect your nutrient solution pH.

Compatible with all organic and mineral (hydroponic) based nutrient programs.

Discontinue use of any other silicon-containing products otherwise you run the risk of over-supplying this beneficial element.

What does Mr Danks Special Boost Secret do?

Boosts Nutrient Uptake / Increased Growth Rates

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret aids significantly in the uptake of your base nutrients—especially the heavier ions by chelating and transporting them into the plant.

Strengthens Cell Walls

The beneficial silicon creates robust cell walls that are more able to withstand environmental pressures, helping your plant focus on thriving rather than just surviving. In this regard it is particular effective with cuttings and seedlings as they move through vegetative development.

Turbocharges Bloom

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret will complement your preferred PK booster during flowering (boosting nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium uptake) helping plants access and process these all-important elements during flowering. Stomatal response is increased so plants are able to adapt more quickly to their environment and photosynthesize optimally.

Any insider tips or tricks?

Do not exceed stated dose! Water culture and bubble bucket growers should use half stated dosages. Use with aeroponic cloning machines is highly recommended! If adding to a reservoir always agitate it with an air pump and air stone. Due to the inclusion of important hydrophobic amino acids, some sedimentation inside the bottle is perfectly normal.

Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

The unique smell (sweaty socks and off-milk) of Mr Danks Special Boost Secret is due to natural decarboxylation of certain amino acids included in the complex and is perfectly normal and extremely beneficial for plants.

Notes on product compatibility

Mr Danks Special Boost Secret will not affect your nutrient solution pH, harm beneficial bacteria and fungi or raise EC levels noticeably.

Compatible with all soil and hydroponic nutrient programs.

Do not use with other silicon / silicate or L-amino products.

Available in  500ml, 1 litre and 4.5 litre bottles.

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