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Metallised X-Weave Tape - Grow Power Hydroponics

Metallised X-Weave Tape

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Metallised X-Weave Tape

Metallised X-Weave tape is ideal for mounting reflective sheeting such as Easy Grow Lightite foil or Mylar in your grow room.

Its re-enforced cross weave design prevents tears or rips, and it is highly adhesive to make sure your reflective sheeting stays in place.

Extremely strong and durable, this Aluminium Cross Weave Tape is perfect for mounting reflective sheeting.

Aluminium Cross Weave Tape is reflective tape designed for mounting reflective sheeting with minimal loss of light reflectivity.

This tape has a cross weave fibre structure to stop tearing and ensure your sheeting does not come loose.

If you want to ensure your sheeting is secure, then Aluminium Cross Weave Tape will give you the results you need. 

75mm x 46 m