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Medusa Baseline Trays for Hydroponics - Grow Power Hydroponics

Medusa Baseline Trays for Hydroponics

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Medusa Baseline Hydroponic Systems

Medusa Baseline Trays for Hydroponics

Medusa Baseline trays are the first step to upgrading your grow room from basic hand watering to the fully automated solution you can expect with one of our recirculating pebble hydroponic systems.

What are Medusa Baseline Trays?

They are essentially a suspended saucer with a drainage hole beneath. To create the most basic Baseline Tray configuration, this drainage hole can be plugged to form a saucer with a capacity of several litres to hold run off. The pot is suspended above which prevents overwatering caused by leaving plants sitting in their own run off for long periods of time.

Medusa Baseline Trays and Systems have been designed for Strength, Durability and Flexibility to Suit as Many Growing styles as possible.

The second and most flexible configuration is to attach a 25mm threaded/barbed tee, elbow or straight to the run off port and connect a length of 25mm Cool Pipe in order to allow the run off to drain away, either passively directly to waste or into a Baseline Brain which actively pumps the run off either to waste or back to a nutrient reservoir as part of a recirculating system.

What Size Options are Available with the Medusa Baseline Trays?

We have three sizes of tray available, with each size having a booster option which helps compensate for uneven floors and can increase the flow rate of the run off where needed.


The trays have a 25mm hole for connecting the fittings and 3 x 75mm holes for running the pipe away, the three holes allow for various configurations with the option of running the pipe underneath the trays.

All trays are 30mm deep which helps prevent overflowing, even during heavy flushing!