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Mammoth Elite 480L - 480x240x215cm - Grow Power Hydroponics

Mammoth Elite 480L - 480x240x215cm

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Mammoth Elite tents offer the larger Gardener a range of tents to suit their needs. The extra height means they can be used with the more powerful 1000w lamps and offer poles that are designed to take the weight of larger hanging equipment. The tents come with loads of well positioned ventilation holes and as well as being light tight have a washable mylar reflective liner and a waterproof ground sheet

  • Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with stainless steel / aluminium click system
  • Dual multiple intake and extraction socks
  • Equipment tubes that have a 75kg load load capacity
  • Wide easy access door, with jam-proof / waterproof zipper. Waterproof floor
  • Large doors - easy to access and work in
  • Material is washable inside and out