Lotus NFT 8 Plant System

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Lotus NFT 8 Plant System

8 x Medusa Lotus NFT R1 Modular Hydroponics System

The Medusa Lotus NFT system is a new take on an old technique – NFT 2.0.

The R1 NFT Modular Hydroponics System is an ultra low level modular system with just 2L in the reservoir – the R1 NFT is designed to be connected to a remote reservoir that would be located outside of the growing area away from the light and heat. The R1 NFT Modular Hydroponics System is designed to be linked together so that all of the nutrient management is done from the one remote reservoir.

Made from heavy duty, high impact material. The light cover includes an access flap that gives the grower access to both the nutrient reservoir and the feed pipe to check the flow rate.

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