Lighthouse 2Kw Greenhouse Heater


Size: 2KW
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Lighthouse 2Kw Greenhouse Heater

The Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater will Keep your greenhouse, grow room and grow tent temperatures under control. 

To grow successfully, you’re going to need to maintain a consistent environment. plants thrive at temperatures of around 25-28 degrees centigrade during the ‘lights on’ period and at 18 degrees in darkness. As winter approaches, maintaining these temperatures can become difficult without some form of supplementary heating, especially during hours when lighting is switched off.

For this reason, we recommend the use of a heater whenever readings drop below optimal levels.

The greenhouse heater runs at a wattage of either 25w for fan only, 1000w for half heating power and 2000w for full heating and will heat a area of 20m2 with ease, with an air output of 186m2 per hour

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