Green Hornet LED Green E47 Bulb


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Green Hornet LED Green E47 Bulb

At Grow Power we don't recommend introducing any light to your grow room during lights off, but sometimes this is absolutely unavoidable. That's where Green Hornet Work Lights come in.

Many people believe that green light allows you to illuminate your grow area during the dark cycle without affecting the cycle length. While there may be an element of truth to this, certainly green light is more poorly absorbed than other wavelengths, there is still a considerable body of research that shows that green light is almost as effective as red at regulating the flowering of photoperiod plants.

If you have absolutely no choice but to work in your grow room during lights off:

  • Use green light
  • Avoid shining light directly onto plants
  • Keep light intensity below that of natural moonlight
  • Keep the duration as short as possible
  • If possible conduct the work soon after lights off or shortly before lights on.

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