HydroLogic Stealth RO 150™


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HydroLogic Stealth RO 150

The stealth RO 150 is a customised reverse osmosis water filter that can reduce up to 99% of most contaminants. This system is designed for use with hydroponic or horticultural applications.

This system is built to give a maximum amount of flow from the membrane while sending less wastewater to the drain compared to similar RO filters. It produces up to150 GPD (US Gallons per day of ultra-pure low ppm water and removes 98%+ of all contaminants from tap water.

You can choose from a 1:1 or 2:1 waste to product water ratio (both included with unit) and it has a membrane Power Flush Kit now included. We now have updated packaging for maximum protection at the same great price as previous model!

The 1 selling filter in gardening and hydroponics for 10+ years.

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