HR15 Controllable Humidification


Size: HR15 Humidification Kit (inc Analog Humidistat)
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HR15 Controllable Humidification

Low humidity levels cause plants to over-transpire forcing nutrient laden water up through roots and subsequent leaf burn. Confronted with 'nute burn' growers often compensate by lowering nutrient strength giving rise to a toxic combination of simultaneous leaf burn and deficiencies.

Transpiration rates are ultimately dictated by the vapour pressure deficit (humidity inside leaf minus humidity outside leaf) in the grow room. The higher the deficit, the faster plants transpire.

The HR15 humidifier is perfect for controlling humidity in smaller grow rooms with 4-6 lights and up to 30 m2. Ideally It should be used with RO water to prevent calcium deposits in your room and within your carbon filter.

Coverage  15-30m2(160-320ft2)
Power Supply  110V or 220v / 50Hz or 60Hz
Power Consumption 90W
Humidification Capacity 1,500cc/hour(0.4gallon/hour)
Dimensions 310x310x470mm (12.20"x12.20"x18.50")
Pressure Less than 5kg/cm2


  • Easy to install (Connect to water tap or water tank)
  • Various space usage (on-wall)
  • Easy to carry by handle
  • Trouble-free simple structure (High durability)
  • Good for chemical disinfection & deodorization
  • Good for electronics, textile, tobacco factories, low-temperature warehouse and mushroom cultivation

Applications: Greenhouse, propagation room, research chamber, storage room, nursery, mushroom and orchid cultivation, chicken-breeding, textile, tobacco and timber industries


- Set it up horizontally to control the water level
- Make sure the connecting wire is long enough
- Check and clean the water tank periodically
- If there is no humidification, turn power off and check the water level
- If water overflows, turn the water tap off and check the float valve


  • HR15 Humidification Kit (inc Analog Humidistat) 
  • HR15 Humidification Kit (inc Analog Humidistat) Flexi Tank
  • HR15 Humidification Kit (inc Digi Humidistat) 
  • HR15 Humidification Kit (inc Digi Humidistat) Flexi Tank
  • HR15 and Digital Stat ONLY (Euro to UK Plug - No Tank) 
  • HR15 Humidifier - ONLY (Euro to UK Plug - No Stat - No Tank)

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