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HOMEbox Ambient Q120

Premium Grow Tent

The HOMEbox Ambient Q120, our top selling premium tent for three years running.

Bigger Yields, Higher Quality

Upgrade to the ultimate indoor growing environment!

If you’re looking for an ultra premium tent to grow top shelf flowers; take a very close look at the HOMEbox Ambient Q120.

It's super reflective PAR+ inner lining appears white from a distance but on closer inspection consists of millions of individual prismatic surfaces that actively channel light toward the plants canopy. At the same time heat is dispersed outwards to the tents exterior resulting in up to 5C lower temperatures. The resulting boost in yield and quality over silver mylar is remarkable. Plants develop faster. More flowers and fruits are produced because more plant-usable light is directed at the canopy.



PAR+ is a super reflective lining, developed exclusively for HOMEbox. PAR+  “smart material” reflects more plant-usable energy (PAR light) and less heat at your plants leading to happier plants and more bountiful harvests.


Onmiflow allows the grower to actively direct incoming fresh air to exactly where it's needed, eliminating dead spots and ensuring maximum air flow.


Sturdy powder coated steel rods offer almost unlimited possibilities for suspending heavy ventilation and lighting systems.


All models are fitted with an additional solid tent base as well as the familiar liner base protecting you and your property from spills and other mishaps.

Why a White Lining is Better than Silver...

PAR+ White Tent Lining Reduces Interior Heat

Crop quality in the Q120 is remarkable due to less heat build-up (the #1 cause of low crop quality.) The result is an incredibly efficient growing chamber that still only takes up 1.44 m2 of floor space!

How to Assemble the HOMEbox Ambient Q120

Assembled size: 120 x 120 x 200 cm

 Assembling the HOMEbox Ambient Q120 is very easy and straight forward with no nasty surprises or indecipherable instruction sheet. But if you need help, please check out the following video (or you can download the assembly instructions for your Homebox Q120 below)...

HOMEbox Ambient Q120 Dimensions

Assembled size: 120 x 120 x 200 cm
Grow space: 1.44 m2

HOMEbox Ambient Q120 Features

  • High-tech German design and engineering
  • Rugged, plant-safe materials ensures long working life
  • Removable, water-resistant flooring
  • Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around
  • Double side access
  • Inlet and outlet tubes:
    + 100 mm (4”): 1x right, 1x left, 1x Back
    + 160 mm (6.3”): 1x left, 1x Back
    + 200 mm (8”): 1x right, 1x left
    + 250 mm (10”): 1x Roof
  • 2 x 250mm (10”) OmniFlow-Airvents left and right side
  • 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen
  • Tough canvas outer shell
  • PAR+ super reflective lining promotes faster growth and higher yields
  • Super strong 22mm diameter tent poles—stronger plastic corners
  • Once closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually light proof
  • Total-Blackout Zippers – no need for Velcro flaps
  • Maximum Capacity: 75 kg

2 year manufacturer warranty

Learn More...

Download Content
Download: Assembly Instructions for HOMEbox Ambient Q120
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