Grow Power 8L Humidifier


Size: 8L
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Grow Power 8L Humidifier, 0.35L/h

Low humidity levels cause plants to over-transpire forcing nutrient laden water up through roots and subsequent leaf burn. Confronted with 'nute burn' novice growers often compensate by lowering nutrient strength giving rise to a toxic combination of simultaneous leaf burn and deficiencies.

Transpiration rates are ultimately dictated by the vapour pressure deficit (humidity inside leaf minus humidity outside leaf) in the grow room. The higher the deficit, the faster plants transpire.

  • Simple operation.
  • Equipped with a twin nozzle with 360 degree rotation.
  • Capacity 8 liters.
  • The double nozzle rotates within a 360 degree range.
  • Independent operation 24 hours.

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