Grow Genius Mono Silicic


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Grow Genius Mono Silicic Acid

Ultra fast acting silicon nutrient - for all plants in all settings

Scientifically proven effects

  • Increased strength, growth rates and yield.
  • Increased root mass, leaf size and brix content. 
  • Improved resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress

Works by: Supporting natural plant growth and defences, and by improving nutrient and water usage. 

Application rates: 0.3ml/10L weekly in solution and 0.5ml/L as a fortnightly foliar spray. 

Environmental contribution:  Increases yield per unit input and can reduce or eliminate the need for fungicides and pesticides. 

Extremely concentrated formulation dramatically reduces shipping weight, volume and packaging.

Grow-Genius mono-silicic is made in the UK with silicon from Scotland, minimising product miles. 

GG mono is readily biodegradable: 95 % over 28 days (method: OECD Test Guideline 301F). 

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