Gold Label Hydro-Coco 60/40


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Gold Label Hydro-Coco 60/40

This Bullet-Proof mix simply is the best mix of the highest quality Coco coir and the unique Hydrocorn irregular clay-pebbles that offers the best of both worlds.

In general, a pure coco grower grows too wet, where the roots will suffocate in the bottom of the pot.

In general, a pure clay-pebble grower grows too dry, because of the lack of moist at the roots.

So, if you mix both these substrates you make it in a way bullet proof.

60%, Hydrocorn – (RHP), for structure, grip and oxygen and 40% coco (RHP) for nutrient and moisture retention.

In this exclusive mix we use the outside of the coconut (raw fibres) for better water transportation through the pots (capillary action).

This coco is washed and treated exactly the same as the regular Gold Label Coco in Holland under the highest environmental regulations.

The Perfect mix for Multiflow V3 system.

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