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GHE RainForest 2 - Grow Power Hydroponics

GHE RainForest 2

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Three options to grow small to medium plants from cutting to maturity in one unit

  • Go from cuttings to adult plants in the same unit
  •  No need for heavy substrate
  • Large reservoir capacity helps stabilise pH
  • Aquafarm style level tube allows easy direct access to nutrient solution for testing.
  • Covers available with different sized growth sites for maximum flexibility

The 2nd Generation Rainforest series allows you to grow in 2, 3 or 6-inch pots allowing a variety of different plant sizes to be grown with optimum spacing. The smaller the pot, the more the unit can house: 36 for the 2” model, 18 for the 3” version, and 6 for the 6” Rainforest2.