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GHE Rain Forest 72 Propagator - Grow Power Hydroponics

GHE Rain Forest 72 Propagator

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Multiple aeroponic growth sites in one compact unit. The RainForest72 uses the Vortex motor from the original Aeroponic Rainforest range to deliver perfectly oxygenated nutrient solution to up to 72 cuttings, without the need for protective covers. Used by some of the world’s biggest labs including Los Alamos and the Argonne National Laboratory in the USA, the Rainforest72 delivers the most dramatic growth rates of any system they have tested.

  • Propagate 72 plants on a 67cm footprint.
  • Large 70L reservoir capacity helps stabilise pH
  • Made in France from 100% recycled, UV
  • stabilised and barriered plastic.
  • Guaranteed for life!

* Lifetime Guarantee is for reasonable use only and applies to moulded plastic systems made in France by GHE, and excluding ancillary components, motors etc