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Fast Clamps

Get That Professional Fit Between Fans, Filters And Silencers With The Fast Clamps

  • Joins two solid items together such as fans, filters and silencers
  • Helps to form an incredibly strong and air-tight join
  • Extremely easy and quick to install
  • Discover our full range of ducting accessories

Fast Clamps allow you to quickly join fans and filters directly together which eliminates the need for multiple flex-ducting and duct clips.

What are the Fast Clamps used for?

These Fast Clamps help to securely tighten the joint between duct fans and filters. They are extremely strong and durable plus they are ever so quick and easy to use. Likewise, they help to ensure your system continues to stay air-tight making your system far more efficient. The powerful wide collar creates a strong connection between fan and filter, whilst the thick foam on the inside of the clamp ensures no air leakages.

Where can the Fast Clamps be used?

The Fast Clamps are tightened using a 6mm allen key (hex), you can unwind the tightening bolt on the side of the fast clamp by turning it anticlockwise. Similarly, you only need to open the clamp to slide over the end of your filters and fans. Then once fully over you can connect them all up by turning the bolt clockwise with your 6mm allen key. However do take maximum care, do not over tighten the clamp as this can cause breakages.                           

Fast Clamp Specifications

  • Available in a variety of diameters:

4″ | 5″ | 6″ | 8″ | 10″ | 12″

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