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ExHale CO² Bag - Original

The Exhale Original CO² bag cultivates carbon dioxide 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive production units.

Maintenance Free: No heat, No electricity, Just CO² .

ExHale CO² Bag gives your plants a continuous shower of carbon dioxide. It's the most efficient way to deliver CO².

Placing the ExHale CO² Bag slightly above the level of your plants will insure they receive the carbon dioxide they need.

The regular sized Exhale CO² bag is designed for small to medium grow spaces, or more specifically 1 bag will provide 4-6 plants with the CO² they need.

The CO² Bag can be used for both vegetative plant growth as well as for fruit and flower production.

The ExHale CO² Bag also comes in XL size for larger growing areas.

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