Ecothrive 40:60 Coco Clay Mix 45L


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Ecothrive Coco Clay 40:60 Mix 45L

Ideal Mix of 40% Coco Coir and 60% Clay Pebbles for Optimum Water Holding in Hydroponic Systems

Ecothrive Coco Clay is the ideal mix of 40% Coco Coir and 60% Clay Pebbles for optimum water holding in hydroponic systems, pre blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost.

Why blend Coco with Clay Pebbles?

Clay pebbles reduce the water holding capacity of coco, creating a mix with fast drainage and improved air space. This type of mix is perfect for hydroponic systems where frequent watering is required.

Plants grown in Ecothrive Coco Clay will have improved root growth, quicker establishment, faster growth rates in hydroponic systems and be far less prone to the effects of over watering, a common problem in flood and drain systems.

Ecothrive Coco Clay is ideal for:

Ecothrive Coco Clay Contains:

  • 60% Clay Pebbles
  • 40% high quality buffered coco coir blended with
  • 157.5g of Ecothrive Charge per 45L bag

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