SMS mk2 Twin Fan Controller 7amp


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What Is The SMS Twin Fan Controller Used For?
The SMS Fan Controller is a must-have addition to your hydroponic ventilation system. It allows you to run up to 2 fans of a combined 7 amps, providing the best environment for growing. As a result, this fantastic product gives you maximum control over the temperature and speed of your fans.
Furthermore, the SMS Fan Controller helps provide the correct pressure for your grow tent, when in combination with 2 different sized fans. Therefore, making it the perfect addition to get the most out of your growing system.
What makes this product different to other conventional fan systems?
This is a particularly great product for having maximum control of your growing equipment, it saves you plenty of time and money spent on energy. This fan is easily programmable and will effectively slow down when needed.
Where can you use the SMS Twin Fan Controller?
This fan controller is for use within a hydroponic growing system that requires changes in the temperature and speed of fans. Therefore, the controller scans the room and calculates if your fans need a gradual increase or decrease. As a result, it then finds the prime settings to sustain the temperature and will register this on the unit.
Who Might Use This Product?
This product is for professional growers looking to sustain the best fan levels within their grow room. The controller starts by scanning the room, once it has estimated the best settings for the room it continually adjusts the fans speeds to create the best environment for growing.

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