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CAN-Lite 1000 Filter 200mm - Grow Power Hydroponics

CAN-Lite 1000 Filter 200mm

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CAN-Lite 1000 Filter 200mm

Can-Lite™ Active Filters

Can-Filter® has designed and built the Can-Lite™ for convenience and long life.

One of the most popular filters we stock... this is the eight inch Can-Lite 1000 with a practical capacity of 1000m3/h; making this one the most versatile filters on the market.

What with 100% Australian Granulated carbon, aluminum top and bottom, integrated flange and 51% open perforation the Can-Lite™ filter is certainly a quality piece of kit for those who demand only the best performing components in their grow room. The Can-Lite™ is available in 12 sizes with a CFM range of 89 – 3000. Can-Lite™ is manufactured in a dedicated carbon filter plant in North America. Each filter is shrink wrapped, boxed and labeled for ease of use.

Filter CAN-Lite 1000
Material Steel
Carbon Lite
Length 50 cm
Weight 11 kg
Weight Carbon 5.1 kg
Diameter 30 cm
Carbon Bed 5 cm
Capacity Technical 1100 m3
Capacity Practical 1000 m3
Flange 200mm
Combi Fans

Max-Fan PS200/1220 (3), Max-Fan 200/910 (3), Max-Fan 200L/900 (3), Can-Fan RK 200L/1110, Can-Fan RKW 200L/1110, Can-Fan RK 200LS/1110