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BioBizz Top Max

TopMax is a 100% organic flowering strengthener which has the threefold purpose of increasing the actual size and weight of clusters of flowers, leaving a sweet, smooth taste in the finished product and facilitating the uptake of nutrients by the plants.

TopMax liberates ions like calcium, iron and magnesium, which stimulate the metabolism of the plant. The special way in which TopMax activates the flow of nutrients is made possible by the use of humic acids.

How to use Biobizz TopMax

TopMax can be used during the complete flowering period. In the first weeks we advise a dose of 1ml per litre water. In the weeks before the flushing the dose can be increased to 4ml per litre water.

Follow our grow schedule for the best results.

Humic and Fulvic acids in Biobizz TopMax

The extraordinary way TopMax assists in the flow of nutrients is made possible through the use of humic acids.

Humic acids are formed over millions of years by deposits of vegetables and soil. Its main source is a deposit called Leonardite, which is the material with the greatest organic concentration on the planet.

Leonardite was formed from trees and vegetation that grew, flourished, and died during the carboniferous period 300 million years ago.

Fulvic acids are responsible for healthy floral growth. They are reclaimed from certain exceptionally rich sources of humate deposits found deep within the earth. They contain a natural electrical charge that attracts nutrients and minerals from both the microbiological soil base and the applied organic fertilizers.

Due to its particular properties it is responsible, together with humic acids, for contributing energy to old cells and stimulating new ones.

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