BioBizz Light Mix


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BioBizz Light Mix


  • 100% Organic potting soil
  • Ideal for young plants
  • Long standing quality brand
  • Easy to use
  • Packed with beneficial bacteria

BioBizz Light Mix potting soil Is a peat based potting soil that is ideal for establishing young plants, seedlings or cuttings. It has been specifically formulated to encourage rapid rooting and healthy plant growth thanks to its custom blend of beneficial bacteria and organic fertilisers. The highly active micro-organisms get to work in the soil and provide an organic catalyst to encourage a faster uptake of nutrients, and therefore a healthier and happier plant!

Comprised of super high-quality peat, ideal nutrient levels, beneficial bacteria to improve nutrient uptake and added perlite to improve aeration and drainage, BioBizz have all bases covered when it comes to producing a high-grade peat based potting soil. Having had countless years’ experience in developing and producing high grade organic products, you know you are in safe hands!


BioBizz Light Mix soil is an organic peat based potting soil mix. It is a blend of all-natural ingredients such as black peat, white peat, compost, worm cast and perlite. It is pre-fertilised, but to an EC of around 1.2, so roughly half the rate when compared to the All Mix. BioBizz Light Mix potting soil contains a blend of organic fertilisers, compost, beneficial bacteria as well as perlite to help aid with drainage and aeration. The nutrient, beneficial bacteria and physical properties are designed to emulate a rich outdoor true-living soil. Certified as organic by the control union, you can be confident it will produce you some of the finest organic flavours possible!

Suitable for almost any indoor hydroponic grow room, BioBizz Light Mix potting soil is perfectly suitable for establishing younger plants/seedlings to grow on to exceptional organic flowers.


You can use Biobizz Light Mix soil on its own, straight from the bag alongside the BioBizz fertilisers, this makes the perfect formula to establish a young plant into a healthy specimen. Alternatively, it can be used as a starting point for those of you who like to tinker around with organic amendments. As it is lightly pre-fertilised, it makes an excellent foundation to add other organic inputs such as Insect frass or Bat Guano for those of you who like to hand craft your own unique organic potting mixes and tailor your mix to your own plants requirements.

While you can use the product straight out of the bag, if you take the time to apply a little more effort in preparing the soil, it will make a significant difference to how well a plant responds after transplanting. Ideally, moisten the media slightly and store in a warm place for around 36 hours before using it. This may sound like a bit of unwanted effort but it will make all the difference in having a super healthy plant or just a normally healthy one!

Essentially, this makes sure that the microbial life in the Biobizz Lightmix soil is active from the very first moment you plant out into it. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential in an organic environment, helping with nutrient cycling, promoting healthy root growth, warding off unwelcome pathogens and diseases and helping the plant with drought stress. A potting soil without a fully functioning eco-system is only really half a soil!

Once the soil is prepared, make sure you fluff up any compacted lumps of media in the bag. During the transportation process, it will become compacted slightly so you need to ensure you break it up as much as possible. When filling the empty pot, do not compact the soil down while transplanting. You want to make sure you have the ideal amount of aeration and drainage throughout the entire pot. Tap and shake the pot while you are filing it to ensure the media settles evenly rather than compacting and forcing it down.


BioBizz Light Mix potting soil has been designed to work in harmony with their full bottled nutrient line. It does not contain a lot of nutrient (EC 1.2) so (depending on plant type) you will need to begin to use a fertiliser after the first or second watering. During this initial period, Grow or Bloom nutrients aren’t necessary but you will still benefit from the addition of a rooting stimulant such as BioBizz Root Juice, before you start to add fertiliser.

The potting mix is also conveniently pre-buffered for pH so no need for any expensive meters either! The liming agent that is used in the potting mix automatically corrects any pH variations in the substrate back to the ideal level. If you choose to re-use your media, then it may be beneficial to use some dolomite lime each time you re-use it to ensure the pH buffer is still present and correct.

When watering your plant, try to make sure you do it at a slow and steady rate. This will make sure that pot is evenly saturated throughout, and the solution hasn’t just taken the path of least resistant straight back out the bottom of your pot. Feel the weight of your pot after you have irrigated and wait until it feels almost half of that weight until you irrigate again. If you leave it too long between irrigations, the peat may struggle to re-absorb the water, almost becoming water repllent. Use a wetting agent in this instance to stop water pooling on the surface.


Although there are beneficial bacteria present, you can never have enough of a good thing! Using beneficial bacterial products like Ecothrive’s Biosys, can help boost performance when using BioBizz Light Mix soil.

Do not plant out into too big a pot of soil! A large pot will stay wet for too long for a small root system, make sure you go up pin pot size at the appropriate rate.

For best results, always follow the BioBizz grow guide, but remember it is a ‘guide’, so remember to use your brain as well.

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