Metal Backdraft Shutter


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Metal Backdraft Shutter

The Backdraft Shutter seals off ducting intake and outtake systems when the fan is off. They prevent cold air from outside making its way up your ducting and into the grow room. This would reduce the ambient temperature in the grow room which can adversely affect your plants. It will also help keep heat from leeching out of an open pipe. In general, using a Backdraft will keep the environment in the growing area more stable.

Another big benefit of the Backdraft Shutter is they stop odours escaping while the fans are off. They help seal the room and keep unfiltered air in the room, right where you want it to stay. They are ideal if you are adding carbon dioxide to the room. Less CO2 is lost from the room and your plants will have more access to this most useful gas!

The Backdraft shutter is an all metal construction so should last a long time. The middle fins operate on a spring which is strong enough to close them, but weak enough for airflow to open them. This is how the unit snaps shut when the fan goes off; there is nothing keeping it open. The Backdarft Shutter is available in all of the usual ducting diameters we stock at Straight Up Hydroponics. For helping stop bugs coming through, we recommend the use of a Bug Barrier, again, available in various sizes to suit the ducting. This fine mesh stops insects going past but still allows air to pass freely.


The Backdraft Shutter works like all the other metal work pieces as far as connection goes. Simply push the ducting over the end and use a duct clip to keep it firmly in place. Be sure to install it the right way around! We have many other metal work products to help you get your airflow where you need it.

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