Atami B'cuzz Soil A-B Nutrition


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Atami B'cuzz Soil A-B Nutrition

A (young) plant requires important fertilizers. In that respect, our Soil Nutrient A & B still forms the base for fine growing results in soil and/or (potting) compost. It is a professional bio-mineral nutrition, providing a stable and biological equilibrium of the substrate. The Soil A + B nutrient contains almost all the necessary nutrients for the whole growth stage. Soil nutrient A + B is suitable for both inside and outside cultivation.


This nutrient should only be used when the B'Cuzz Soil Nutrition A & B are mixed simultaneously with one another in water. Use water at room temperature (21 C) for the best results.

Growing tip:

In addition to the Soil stimulant A&B the use of bio-stimulators is recommended.


  • Heavily fertilized (potting) compost: 1 to 3 ml A and 1 to 3 B ml daily per litre of water.
  • Light fertilized (potting) compost: 1 to 3 ml A and 1 to 3 B ml daily per litre of water.
  • PH between 5.5 5.8
  • EC between 1.0 2.5
  • NPK Soil nutrient A 4-0-4 (w/v).
  • NPK Soil nutrient B 1-3-5 (w/v).

Quality guaranteed:

The stimulators and liquid nutrients of Atami are packed and sealed light-tight under the twistable cap, so the quality remains guaranteed.

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