Agrothrin Insecticidal Powder


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Agrothrin Insecticidal Powder

Agrothrin is a Pyrethrum Based Insecticidal Powder

Agrothrin Dust Has Been Shown To Be Particularly Effective Against Spidermite, Thrip Larvae and Fungus Gnats

  • Highly effective against Spidermite, Thrips, Thrip larvae, Fungus Gnats, Fungus Gnat larvae, Root Aphid, Silverbacks and Springtails
  • Unique application, dust not spray, lasts longer
  • Can be used to dust the tops of growing medium
  • Effective barrier against many pests

How to use Agrothrin Dust:

Simply dust over the areas where there are visible signs of damage to your plants paying particular attention to heavily leafed areas, flower sites and also around the stem and roots.

Many of the above pest species continuously travel up and down the stem into the growing media, particularly soil. Dusting around the bottom of stems and over the top layer of soil is a particularly effective way of using Agrothrin.

Pack size: 100g puffer pack

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Download Agrothrin Safety Data Sheet

Learn about Thrips, Permethrins and everything else related to common, and not so common, Growroom Pests and Diseases in this blog post.

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