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Agrothin Thrip Dust

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Agrothrin Thrip Dust

Agrothrin Thrip Dust is a pyrethrum based insecticidal powder that's been shown to be particularly effective against Thrip larvae, Fungus Gnats, Fungus Gnat larvae, Root Aphid, Silverbacks and Springtails

  • Extremely effective dusting powder
  • Effective against Thrip larvae, Fungus Gnats, Fungus Gnat larvae, Root Aphid, Silverbacks and Springtails
  • Unique application, dust not spray, lasts longer
  • Can be used to dust the tops of growing medium
  • Effective barrier against many pests

How to use thrip dust:

Simply dust over the areas where there are visible signs of damage to your plants paying particular attention to heavily leafed areas, flower sites and also around the stem and roots.


How do thrips feed?

Thrips use their sharp mouth parts to slice open plant cells. They suck out all the juice leaving an empty cell structure. You'll see this as a tiny little silvery speck on the leaf surface, however thrips prefer to feed on the bottom of leaves where they can stay safe.

What's the best way to control thrips?

The key to controlling thrips, as with most pests, is to set up an early detection system using yellow sticky traps. If you're unlucky enough to make an awful discovery on your traps it's important to take immediate action. Insecticidal soap, which you can make at home using standard dish soap, effectively controls many common soft-bodied pests including aphids, thrips, whitefly and spidermite.

How do thrips reproduce?

Annoyingly, female thrips are able to reproduce both sexually or asexually (without a mate). They then lay their eggs in the soft tissues of your plants which protects the eggs from just about everything under the sun.

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