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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive - Grow Power Hydroponics

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

Overdrive, the key to a bulky, glistening harvest.

When your plants are in peak flower production the last thing you want is for them to go downhill and stop packing on the pounds. Unfortunately, that's exactly what nature intends to happen!

But now you can use Overdrive to defy nature and turn your plants back into champion producers, even when they're well into bloom cycle! The name is no accident - your plants will literally go into overdrive!

Field testing shows that Overdrive reinvigorates flowering and creates a renewed burst of oils, scents, terpenoids, size and other very desirable traits that will give you impressive harvests instead of disappointing ones.

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Pro tip: Use with soil or hydroponics, ideally throughout the plant lifecycle.

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