Adjust-A-Wings 630W DE-CMH Hellion Lighting Kit

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Adjust-A-Wings 630W DE-CMH Lighting Kit

Experience high intensity light with an unbeatable spectrum, perfect for driving vegetative growth or use in a chequerboard formation with the Hellion DE-HPS for a full spectrum lighting plan.

The DE-CMH lighting kit comes with a Medium Defender reflector, Super Spreader and specialist low frequency square wave e-ballast. It can easily cover a 1.5M x 1.0M canopy for flowering (or a 1.2M X 1.2M when wings are set to medium) or can cover a 1.8M x 1.2M area for early veg or mother plants at wide setting.

This lighting kit has been causing quite a stir in the beta-testing community thanks to its unmatched power, uniformity, light spread and cooler operating temperatures.

Key grower benefits include:

  • closer placement,
  • deeper canopy penetration,
  • explosive growth,
  • shorter internodal length and
  • increased production of essential oils and terpenes.

Whats in the box?

  • Medium Defender Adjust-A-Wings Reflector
  • Adjust-A-Wings Dimmable Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballast
  • Adjust-A-Wings 630W DE-CMH Lamp
  • Super Spreader
  • Reflector Connector
  • Short and long cords for on-board and remote placement of e-ballast
  • Controller ports

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