Adjust-A-Wings 630W CMH Lamps


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Adjust-A-Wings 630W CMH Lamps

Adjust-A-Wings brings four new exciting ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps to the market, all with custom-made Japanese arc tubes—perfect to mix with DE-HPS in custom lighting plans.

-315W SE CMH

-630W DE-CMH

Both lamps are available in 3K and 4K colours. The 3K is ideal for vegetative growth. The 4K (additional blue) can be used to supplement the spectrum of HPS and DE-HPS.

The 315W SE CMH has a regular E40 mogul base, the 630W DE-CMH 4K lamp: CRI 97.1 and PPF 1211 umol.

CMH - An Often Overlooked Alternative to LED Grow Lights

Upgrading to an Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Kit is a real alternative to LED often overlooked by many growers, as the reduction in heat output is very significant. In fact, even with this light running for many hours, the reflector remains cool enough to touch, even more so with a clip fan directed onto it. This is recommended in fact because Adjust-a-Wings reflectors are designed to be light enough to gently sway in the breeze which further helps to reduce hot spots and spread light further and more evenly.

Easy Temperature Control

The ballast with the Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Kit is supplied with a five meter long cable making it more than possible to locate the ballast outside of the grow room during the warmer months to keep temperatures down and then inside the tent when the heat is more desirable.

You will find that the majority of the heat is actually produced by the ballast with these lights so that effect becomes very pronounced compared to HPS. This means that regulating the temperatures in the grow room or tent becomes easier with a Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Kit.


Full Spectrum Grow Light

The amazing spectrum produced by the Ceramic Metal Halide lamp in this Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Kit is rich in far red and UV wavelengths. This is especially coveted by savvy indoor growers who know the benefits of these special wavelengths.

Many indoor growers favourite plant species have 'UVR8' receptors which are triggered by high energy UVB radiation like that emitted by the Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Kit. Once triggered it causes the plant to concentrate its efforts on producing UV blocking, defensive structures such as trichomes which are highly regarded by many indoor growers.


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