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Acoustic Ducting - 5M for Hydroponics

The problem with using powerful fans for controlling temperature and humidity when growing plants indoors using hydroponics is that they can produce a lot of wind noise. This can be offset by reducing the length of ducting runs, ensuring that duct runs are straight and by using the largest diameter ducting possible.

When these measures are not enough it's time to start thinking about acoustic ducting. Acoustic Ducting is a specially layered type of ducting with multiple layers of pvc and foil sandwiching together a thick insulating material and cleverly designed micro apertures within the inner lining.

However, before buying, you should make sure the noise you're trying to eliminate is truly caused by wind noise rather than noise coming from the electric motor of the fan itself.

Acoustic ducting for hydroponics:

  • Helps to reduce fan noise & noise caused by air circulation
  • Available in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter.

Does it really work?

As mentioned before, acoustic ducting is specifically designed to help reduce wind noise, it does this job very well. You will notice a significant drop in wind noise coming from the ventilation system after installing acoustic ducting. It is not specifically designed to reduce noise coming from fan motors although having said that it has been observed that acoustic ducting does offer some benefit in this respect also.

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