Acoustic Box Fan 8” / 200mm

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Acoustic Box Fan 8” / 200mm for Hydroponics

Max Your Airflow - Eliminate Unwanted Noise

Quality, Handcrafted, Inline Acoustic Box Fan for Hydroponics Grow Rooms. Designed to Provide Vast Air Flow While Virtually Eliminating Fan and Wind Noise.

An Acoustic Box Fan is perfect for connecting to an inline carbon filter, removing stale air and humidity from the grow room, keeping plants happy without creating excess noise.


Moving a lot of air rapidly can create noise which to many growers is less than desirable. 

Our Acoustic Box Fans contain a High Quality Squirrel Cage Fan inside a thick MDF enclosure lined with Super Dense Acoustic Foam to Absorb Noise Generated from the Fan and the Internally Generated Wind Noise.

How to Eliminate Noise in the Grow Room

It's recommended to couple the largest size ducting diameter with the most powerful acoustic box fan you can. In this way the equipment is running at a much lower percentage of its full capacity during normal operation.

Much like a car with a powerful engine, at normal road speeds its engine will be barely ticking over compared to the small hatchback which is labouring furiously to keep up at similar speeds.

Always use a Fan Controller

It's essential to use an automatic fan speed controller to control the speed of the acoustic box fan, this will keep it running at a  minimum speed, e.g. 15%, until a predetermined temperature is reached at which point it will ramp up the speed of the fan in order to bring the temperature back down to the desired level. This then is acting as a de facto volume control for your extraction set up.

  • Basic fan speed controller (Cheap, produces buzzing, reduces fan life)
  • Hybrid fan controller (Slightly more expensive but no buzzing) 
  • Dynamic Frequency Controller (Expensive, absolutely silent, extends fan life)

  • Use an Acoustic Box Fan

    While there are many types of inline fan to choose from, it's essential to choose a silenced one if the desired end result is super quiet operation. While inline RVK fans can certainly do the job, when it comes to keeping noise to a minimum they don't even come close to the performance of an Acoustic Box Fan.

    Our Acoustic Box Fans have been designed to move vast quantities of air with the absolute minimum of noise due to its construction and the inclusion of sound deadening material within the housing.

    Keep Ducting Runs Under Tight Control

     Once you have the right fan in place there will still be the issue of wind noise in the ducting run. Consider the following measures:

    • Keep ducting runs as short as possible
    • Keep ducting as straight as possible
    • Avoid any sharp bends or kinks which will increase the noise generated
    • Use Acoustic Ducting

    Features of our Acoustic Box Fans :

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Our Acoustic Box Fans Have Screwed and Glued Construction for Strength and Durability 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Chamfered edges for a premium finish 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Screwed and glued electrical connectors 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Curved metal blades for maximum airflow 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Bearing mounted for silent running 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    12mm MDF construction 👍🏻

    Acoustic Box Fan 10” 250mm for Hydroponics Grow Rooms

    Our Acoustic Box Fans are Super strong 👍🏻


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