Acoustic Box Fan 6″ / 150mm

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Acoustic Box Fan 6″ / 150mm

Our Handcrafted Acoustic Box Fans are designed to work with an incredibly low noise level whilst still moving vast amounts of air.

There's no getting away from the fact that fans make noise, potentially lots of it! Sometimes this isn't a big issue, like if your growing area is in the middle of nowhere or in a disused bunker. But many of us need to respect our family, friends and neighbours who may not want a constant drone from your inline fans keeping them awake at night.

Now, when thinking about reducing this noise, the first thing to consider is a fan speed controller to control the speed at which the fan is running and thus acting as a de facto volume control.

The second thing to work on is the type of fan you are using. While inline RVK fans can certainly do the job, when it comes to keeping noise to a minimum they don't even come close to the performance of an acoustic box fan. They have been designed to push vast quantities of air with the absolute minimum of noise due to its construction and the inclusion of sound deadening material within the housing.

 To really get to grips with fan noise consider the following measures:

Our box fans are perfect for the larger scale grower who wants to keep noise to a minimum. All of our box fans are manufactured and assembled in the UK using superior components. 👍🏻

💡Why not pop in to our Peterborough store for a demonstration? We'll be delighted to put any combination of fan, ducting and controller together for you while you wait. Find us just 2 minutes off the A1M!


Screwed and glued construction for strength and durability 👍🏻

Chamfered edges for a premium finish 👍🏻

Screwed and glued electrical connectors 👍🏻

Curved metal blades for maximum airflow 👍🏻

Bearing mounted for silent running 👍🏻

12mm MDF construction 👍🏻

Super strong 👍🏻