UltraVivid Metal Parabolic Vertical Reflector


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UltraVivid Metal Parabolic Vertical Reflector

This Parabolic Reflector is designed to reflect the maximum amount of light possible from the lamp down onto the canopy. It does this in two ways: firstly the lamp hangs vertically as opposed to most other reflectors, decreasing stress on the lamps fixing. The parabolic shape of the reflector then directs the light rays directly down due to its unique shape. This results in a remarkably even spread of light, maximising the value you get from the lamp and the power used to light it.

The UltraVivid Parabolic Reflector is made up of high quality components. It has a vertical lamp mount which allows more angular light to be reflected down towards the plant. This will give a more even light distribution across the canopy, reducing uneven growth across the crop.

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