Grow Power 600W HPS Digital Light Kit

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Grow Power 600W HPS Digital Light Kit

Our 600W High Pressure Sodium Digital Light Kit will send your yields through the roof with it's massive output of 1080μmols/sec rising to an incredible 1188μmols/sec with the super lumens boost function activated.

There's no need to purchase a separate Metal Halide Lamp either as the dual spectrum lamp supplied has your back, being suitable for both vegging and flowering.

The kit comes with a quality Euro reflector ensuring a perfect even spread of light over a 1.2 square meter area with no hot spots due to the high reflectivity rating of the polished aluminium construction and it's textured pattern. It's a time proven design.

Euro Reflector, dual spectrum 600W lamp and a digital, dimmable electronic ballast. You just can't get more bang for your buck. We even throw in a quality pair of rope ratchets to hang your light with (78Kg capacity per pair).

600W Digital, Dimmable Ballast.

Ultravivid Digital Dimmable Ballast with Super Lumens Boost

The Ballast supplied with our 600W HPS Digital Light Kit is a 600 Watt Digital Dimmable model with a 660W Super Lumens Setting allowing you to boost the output of the lamp by 10 per cent. 

What Does the Super Lumens Setting Do?

The Super Lumens, or Boost function on our 600W HPS Digital Light Kit, essentially overclocks the lamps natural capacity increasing it's output for 'free'. This is simply taking advantage of the way lamps are produced by the manufacturers who build in an approximately ten percent tolerance from the quoted rating in order to ensure that their lamps can handle most real world situations they may encounter without failing. In this case, they should be able to handle a ballast whose output is above the quoted 600W.

Euro Reflector

Euro Barn Reflector

Sometimes known as a Barn Reflector, the reflector supplied with our 600W HPS Digital Light Kit may be basic but its performance should not be underestimated. Tests have proven that the performance of these reflectors is comparable or even exceeds that of high end reflectors.

Dual Spectrum 600W Lamp

Loadstar 600W Dual Spectrum High Pressure Sodium HPS Lamp

Our 600W HPS Digital Light Kit is supplied with a dual spectrum, 600 watt, High Pressure Sodium Lamp. While being a budget lamp it's output is, in fact, comparable to some of the most expensive lamps on the market from leading names such as Philips and Gavita. You can rest assured that spectacular yields are possible from this lamp.

Why Dual Spectrum?

Our 600W HPS Digital Light Kit comes with a dual spectrum, HPS lamp which emits predominantly red light but there is also a smaller peak of blue. The blue light helps to prevent stretching meaning stockier, bushier plants and more of the plants energy and resources being put toward growing larger and more flavourful fruits. 

Many different chemical reactions occur within the cells of plants, each one is driven by specific wavelengths of lights. Some reactions are responsible for growth while some cause physiological changes in the plant such as stretching or bending.

In order to prevent excess stretching and focus the plants energy on growth, carbohydrate production and the production of aromatic compounds so favoured by indoor growers there needs to be an abundance of light in terms of both intensity and wavelength. The combination of wavelengths produced by a particular lamp is referred to as it's spectrum.

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