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360° Pump Spray Bottle

The ingenious 360° Degree Pump Spray Bottle is designed to make your life easier while ruining the day of any pest it encounters. By allowing you to rotate its nozzle through a full 360 degrees you’ll easily be able to spray the places where pests hide greatly increasing the chances of a successful eradication.

Pest Prevention and Treatment

Spidermite Killermite Eradicate Poison Control PreventionIf you've ever suffered from pests like spider mite or thrips in your grow room you'll know how hard it is to thoroughly spray the undersides of all the leaves with a regular pump spray bottle... yet that's the most crucial place to spray as pests naturally congregate in these areas both for protection and shelter. They also tend to lay eggs down there.

Foliar Feeding

360° Degree Spray Bottle 1L Pest Prevention Treatment Hydroponics Grow Room Tent

Plants obtain the bulk of their nutrients via their root system, but they can also absorb directly through their leaves. The 360 Degree Pump Spray Bottle is perfect for the application of foliar feeds which can direct nutrition to the leaves of the plant much quicker than through traditional feeding. Many growers use foliar feeding in order to treat and prevent deficiencies as the results can be seen much quicker.

To use:

Make up your solution according to the instructions, fill the 360 degree pump spray bottle, ensure top is screwed on securely to avoid leaks and begin spraying.

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