Complete Grow Room Kit - The Hobbyist Choice (THC) - Medium - 4 - 8 Plants

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Complete Grow Room Kit - The Hobbyist Choice (THC) - Medium - 4 - 8 Plants

This is a complete grow room kit that's been designed to be a significant upgrade for those who have a grow or two under their belt, have been well and truly bitten by the hydro bug 🐞and are ready to move up the ladder in terms of their grow space, lighting and growing technique. Of course, if you are a complete beginner and want to dive straight in with a premium set up then this kit will certainly do you proud.

The kit contains everything you need to construct a wonderful, fully operational grow room that is capable of turning out bumper harvest after bumper harvest. Every item has been chosen because it is a proven, high quality piece of kit that can deliver the goods with a durable construction while keeping half an eye on cost.

Medusa Baseline

This kit pushes you to move from hand watering to a more automated system in the fabulous Medusa Hydro drip feed and recirculating grow system. A pump will send your nutrient solution to the fabric smart pots via a dripper system, any run off is collected in the base and runs back to a small tank called the Brain 🧠. A system of float valves located within the brain decides when it is time to activate a second pump that then sends the run off either to waste or back to the nutrient tank to be recirculated.

Adjust-a-Wings Logo

In terms of lighting we move away from standard High Pressure Sodium (seen in the Beginner kits) and are introduced to the latest and greatest in grow room lighting, the Adjust-a-Wings Hellion series. Get ready for a bumper crop as this Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide light pushes out a spectrum that almost exactly matches natural sunlight. Your plants will respond in kind and love you for it. Into the bargain, this lighting fixture consumes a little over half what a 600w HPS lamp will for a similar number of lumens in output. Naturally, half the watts equals half the heat making this a natural choice during the warmer months.

Once built, the kit has a footprint of 2.88 square meters and stands 2 meters high, perfect for a garage or spare room. It's capable of growing between four and eight plants. It comes complete with a fully illustrated instruction manual produced in house as well as unlimited telephone support in case of any issues. In addition, we back the kit with a full twelve month, money back guarantee covering all manufacturing faults.

Each component has been rigorously selected to keep the cost to the absolute minimum while ensuring a level of quality that we'd be happy to use ourselves. In fact this kit has been used for at least one grow to comply with our policy of testing everything we sell.

Okay, here's what you're gonna get:

  • 1 x Black Orchid 240 x 120 tent
  • 1 x Adjust a Wings 750w DE Hellion
  • 1 x Adjust a Wings 630w DE 4.2k CMH Hellion
  • 1 x Black Orchid 6” Mixed-Flo fan filter kit
  • 1 x 8 pot Medusa RTA, medium, standard brain
  • 1 x FlexiTank 225L
  • 2 x CLIP ON FAN
  • 1 x MAXISWITCH Pro 2