Hygrometer (Digital) with Probe


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Thermometer / Hygrometer (Digital) with Probe

Every experienced grower knows that controlling temperature and humidity in the grow room is the first step on the road to top shelf harvests. So it's no surprise that the top indoor farmers have many thermometers and hygrometers. They're the kind of people who can tell you the temp and rh% in a room without even looking, but that's because they've spent years monitoring it. 

Buy one of these for every room in your house. 

Become a temperature and humidity expert and you'll soon become one of 'those kind of people' yourself!

  • ✅   Monitors temperature & humidity
  • ✅   Large, read at a glance digital display
  • ✅   Logs minimum and maximum
  • ✅   Long probe for indoor/outdoor function (top of canopy/root zone)
  • ✅   Clock
  • ✅   Alarm function
  • ✅   Battery included

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