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How High Pressure Sodium Lamps Can Actually Save You Money.

Make Light Of Hydroponics:

How High Pressure Sodium Lamps Can Help You Save Money.

Growing indoors is no cake walk. One must be knowledgeable about growing mediums, nutrient content, ideal temperatures and a myriad of other factors. Just change one variable a little in the wrong direction and you could have a disaster waiting.

Hydroponics is the field of growing plants indoors by the means of artificial lighting and without the use of soil for their growth. In this discipline, plants receive nutrition directly through water instead of soil. To hold the plant in the place, you can use a non-nutritional medium such as coco or pebbles.

Hydroponics also embraces the discipline of artificial lighting. The most common being High-Pressure Sodium lamps. This source of light is amazing since it not only mimics natural sunlight well, but also is a low-cost option.

 High Pressure Sodium Lamp 600W

HPS Lamps are Long Life

The High-Pressure Sodium Lamp can be an economically viable option since they tend to usually last longer than some other sources. The average lifespan of a high-pressure sodium lamp is between 12,000 to 24,000 hours. The main reason it’s considered economical is that its lifespan is as much as twice that of Metal Halide Lamps.

They are also economic in the sense that they cover the maximum area in optimum power. For example, a 400-Watt bulb can provide light to an area of up to 15 square feet while a 1000-Watt bulb can provide light to an area of 7x7 square feet.

The High-Pressure Sodium lamp creates a light intensity of around 140 lumens per watt.

High Pressure Sodium Reflector Close Up

Beware the Green Eyed Monster!

Jealousy among indoor growers is real. It’s a thing. It is an increasing risk that your indoor grow operation could be vandalized and your precious harvest stolen by lesser growers who have developed extreme feelings of jealousy for your success.

Rather than take the time to develop their skills as you have done they will turn to old fashioned robbery in order to bypass the required effort. When this happens all your equipment could be vandalized or stolen. If this happens after you’ve spent thousands on top of the range LED lights you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. Using budget HPS grow lights helps to counter this risk of loss somewhat. Of course keeping your indoor garden secret is most failsafe way of guarding your valuable equipment and keeping safe.

Is indoor Growing Really for you?

High Pressure Sodium Reflector Details

Growing Indoors is seen by many as an easy way to grow your own crops but have they really taken everything into account? The fact is that while indoor gardening makes a fabulous hobby and pastime for many of us who have devoted months or even years to honing our skills and developing means and methods to deal with all the issues and problems - to the new grower it can be pretty overwhelming at first. The list of potential problems is long, everything from pests to humidity issues, to disappointing yields and many, many more can take a toll on a new growers enthusiasm for their new hobby.

If this happens after having initially spent thousands of pounds on top of the range gear this could lead to a lot of pricey equipment gathering dust in an attic or being sold off for a fraction of it’s cost price on eBay.

With High Pressure Sodium Light Kits being so reasonably priced these days, especially considering the massive output of light they give, it makes a lot of sense to complete your first couple of grows using HPS and then make the decision to invest in more upmarket gear.

With all these reasons taken into account, it really is no wonder High-Pressure Sodium Lamps have so much to offer in terms of bang for a buck.

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