Grow Power - Round up of Growing Media for Hydroponics

What is the best growing medium for hydroponics?

Round Up of the Different Types of Media for Growing

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Hydroponics: this is growing plants directly in water using chemical nutrients. Hydroponics gives much faster growth rates and bigger yields at the expense of a larger upfront cost, a more complicated set up and more scope for things going wrong. There is also a steeper learning curve with this style of growing. However, if you're prepared to put in the money and effort, once mastered, the results can make it all very much worthwhile.

Rock Wool

Rockwool Cover Black Corex Cover Prevent Algae Growth Hydroponics NFT




Coco based mediums, this is a relatively  inert growing medium that can give [almost] the best of both worlds, better yields than soil and fewer of the issues of hydroponics. This is the reason why it's the most popular choice these days. Look for pure coco, 60:40 which is 60% coco and 40% clay pebbles or 70:30 which is 70% coco and 30% perlite. The former is better with active, dripper style setups, the latter better for those hand watering.





Soil is the choice of the down to earth, organic grower who has an eye on quality, taste and purity and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. This style of growing can give superior aromas and quality from your produce when done right because of all the micro elements available in the soil. That said, many of the higher quality feeds and boosters can give very similar results with the other growing styles these days. The drawbacks of growing in soil would be a lower yield and higher susceptibility to some pests like spider mite.

Lite Mix


Lava Rock

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